Workshop of Croatian and Hungarian participants in Koprivnica

On Tuesday, August 31, a workshop on drafting a document Development of music in the cross-border area and the impact on people to people’s connection was held in Koprivnica on the premises of the City administration. The workshop was led by music teacher Filip Klauček from the Musicorum Music Center. The workshop was attended by the project teams of the City of Koprivnica and the Municipality of Hévíz, on the Croatian side by music teacher Mihael Kivač and principal Ariana Šandl, and on the Hungarian side by teachers Endre Varga and Balázs Árpádné. During the workshop, the participants had the opportunity to hear more about Hungarian composers Béla Bartók and Ferenc Farkas, Croatian composers Fortunat Pintarić and Dalibor Grubačević. The practical part of the workshop included group work of participants on current music events in Koprivnica and Hévíz and a panel discussion on events aimed at improving cross-border cooperation through the music.

Mutual document which will be drafted within the project will be a good example of how music influenced interconnection between people in the cross-border area, with special consideration given to young people and the creation of a better cross-border cooperation between Koprivnica and Hévíz.

Before the workshop the last, 4th meeting of the project team was held. The meeting provided an overview of the project implementation so far, including the carried-out activities, the budget spent and the results of the project. In addition to reviewing the results achieved so far, future directions and future cooperation were discussed in order to continue to ensure the quality implementation of project activities.

This meeting was of a special nature because it is also the first meeting held live. Namely, given the epidemiological situation with COVID-19, all previous meetings had been held virtually. The members of the project team unanimously concluded that they are very satisfied and proud of all project participants and the overall implementation because, despite the situation with COVID-19, they managed to realize the planned project activities.

“This event has been realized with the financial assistance of the European Union. The content of the document is the sole responsibility of City of Koprivnica and Municipality of Hévíz and can under no circumstances be regarded as reflecting the position of the European Union and/or the Managing Authority.”