Opening festival

The main focus will be on the creative music workshop with the aim of learning about traditional music instruments and on organizing dance and music performances. The activities aim to promote music among young people, encourage creative work. The festival will feature 15 participants from Hungary and Croatia.

Photography workshop

The project partners will organize a photography workshop first in Hungary then in Croatia. 15 participants will take part in theoretical and practical workshops. After the workshop finishes, the participants will take pictures of Koprivnica and Hévíz during all seasons. At the end of the project, a book of best photographs will be published, with photographs taken during one year. Also, each city will feature an exhibition of the photographs for the general public in the centre of the city.

Exchange experience meeting

The project partners will organize an Exchange experience meeting first in Croatia, then in Hungary. The aim of the event is the strengthening of capacity of local government clerks, music event organizers and members of various associations included in the promotion of music. The organization of such events will serve as a good example of encouraging and supporting local musicians. Ten participants from Hungary and Croatia will take part in evening concerts of local musicians during the winter event in Koprivnica and late summer event in Hévíz. This method of cooperation will serve as a good example of how to hold concerts intended for the general public and will encourage the work of local musicians.

Singing competition „First Voice“

The singing competition „First Voice" will be held in Koprivnica for 15 young singers from Croatia and Hungary aged 10-35. Both partners will organize singing practice for children in the duration of one month. The training and practice will be done for competition participants and led by professional singers and music teachers. The final competition will take place in Koprivnica with a professional panel of judges. All participants will be appropriately awarded. The aim of the activity is to encourage music creativity and enable individual approach to each participant for the purpose of generating new young musicians. Participants from Croatia will learn a Hungarian song chosen by their Hungarian partner, with the help of a translator, and the Hungarian participants will learn a Croatian song in the same way.

Music box

Music box is the main activity of the project. There will be two Music boxes for young people (age 10-25) where the participants will have an opportunity to acquire new music knowledge from several experts in the field of music. The Music box consists of 10 workshops (5 workshops will be in Hungary, 5 in Croatia) during 5 workdays. Participants will learn techniques for playing the guitar, piano, saxophone, drums and similar instruments. They will have a chance to learn about the history of music in Croatia and Hungary, learn about instruments specific for particular areas. The Music box will also contain cultural and gastronomy programs and evening concerts on the main town square.

Workshop for writing the Development of music in the cross-border area and impact on people to people’s connection

The document Development of music in the cross-border area and impact on people to people’s connection will be written. The joint document will be a good example of how music influences mutual connection of people in the cross-border area, with a special emphasis on young people.

Closing festival

The Closing festival in Hévíz will be organized for attracting a large number of citizens thanks to the various music, cultural and gastronomy programs. The Festival will also include the presentation of all planned activities implemented throughout the duration of the project. The final project activity will strengthen the existing cooperation between cities, foster new friendships and enable cooperation in other areas, not only in music.