The organization of the „Music Box” event

The event called Music Box, implemented within the framework of the cross-border project SHARE MUSIC won by the Municipality of Hévíz together with the City of Koprivnica, was organized by the Municipality of Hévíz on 17-21 August 2021.

The delegation from Koprivnica arrived at the city hall at 10 am on Tuesday. After the arrival, a press conference took place, where Gábor Papp (the Mayor of Hévíz), József Kepli (the Deputy Mayor of Hévíz) and Endre Varga (teacher of the Illyes Gyula Primary and Art School & the director of the Art Departement of it) greeted the students of Koprivnica, and the Croatian delegation members.

After the conference, the students headed to the Gyula Illyés Primary and Art School (which gave the venue of the professional program) where the professional experts Zsuzsanna Pekár (flute, violin), Árpád Balázs (wind instruments), Balázs Piller (synthesizer, piano), Ágnes Holczerné Szabó flute), Zsigmond Irsai (guitar), outlined the structure of the next 3 days, distributed the musical materials, and subdivided the groups. After the short introductory tasks, the students along with the members of the delegation, attended an 3-course lunch in the Rózsakert restaurant in a good mood. Later, the members of the Croatian delegation occupied their accommodation at the Carbona Hotel. In the night, after finishing the dinner, the participants got the oppurtinity to listen to an welcome concert by the students of the Illyés Gyula Primary School.

On Wednesday morning, the first program was the individual music lessons, and after lunch,the students was introduced to the hungarian folk music, performed by Károly Kovács.In the afternoon, group music was conducted by Endre Varga.After dinner at the Rózsakert restaurant, Croatian and Hungarian children took part in Dottós sightseeing in Hévíz.

On Thursday, the individual music lessons continued , and after lunch, Balázs Piller gave the students an special presentation about the history of Jazz music.
In the afternoon, during an another extraordinary program, the children been introduced of an special hungarian treat: they learned the history, and the making of the chimney cake. In the night, the Happy Dixie Land (a hungarian jazz band) gave an concert on the streets of Hévíz.

Friday was the last day when the Hungarian and Croatian students had the oppurtinity to practice together before the final concert. After the practice in the morning and in the afternoon, the children attented the concert of the hungarian folk band, Pántlika during the night.

On Saturday, it was time for a closing concert, what started at 11 AM. It was made remarkable, not just by the fact, that the children had only 4 days for practice, but by the evergreen closing song of John Lennon, the „Imagine” what really represented the bridge between these young children, who couldn’t understand eachothers language, and played together for the first time, but still made an amazing concert what made the passers-by stop for a minute to listen.

After the concert, the Croatian children had their last lunch in the Rózsakert restaurant, and then said goodbye to their new Hungarian friends.

“This event has been realized with the financial assistance of the European Union. The content of the document is the sole responsibility of City of Koprivnica and Municipality of Hévíz and can under no circumstances be regarded as reflecting the position of the European Union and/or the Managing Authority.”